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Multiplayer Red Air/Threat Rep

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1Multiplayer Red Air/Threat Rep Empty Multiplayer Red Air/Threat Rep on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:13 am


Hey guys, fantastic work you've done, very interested.

For the day you start thinking about multiplayer, I have a suggestion for what to do with red air.

Being a Hornet sim, we all want to fly the Hornet and shoot down Fishbeds/Floggers/Fulcrums/Flankers. With red-air AI, multiplayer co-operative will be no issue. Adversarial however and I forsee Hornet v Hornet AMRAAM 'spamfests' with no real purpose.

My suggestion therefore, would be to have a multiplayer 'red-air' mode. The red-air players fly Hornets in Hornet cockpits with Hornet avionics. To everyone else however, their exterior models are that of the red-air being simulated. Further, appropriate weapons could replace AMRAAM/AIM-7/AIM-9. With the weapon select switch retaining its normal functionality, weapons could be replaced by Adder/Alamo/Archer and the appropriate LARS could be displayed. Mixed loads of AA-10C/D could be stepped between with PB20 on the stores page.

A further application of this idea could see the red-air player's jet have the flight model of the simulated threat (not sure if this would be possible, guess it depends on how you've programmed the flight model to begin with).

That's it for multiplayer red air. I'll also take this opportunity to throw out another idea, kind of a 'quick mission builder' for air-air.

A real neat feature would be a simple drop down box type GUI with the ability to define the air-air picture and prescribe tactics for the hostiles. The picture would be described as a number of packages with subordinate groups with subordinate contacts.

For example, one could define a picture of 'a single package' of '3 groups' with '4 contacts' in the first group and '2 contacts' in the second and third groups. This package could be in a 'vic' formation 20nm wide and 30nm deep and each group could be assigned an altitude.

Each group could then be given a tactic to fly. These tactics could be written as a script with triggers. E.g. 'At 20nm from player, in Group 1, Contact A turn left 90degrees, Contact B turn right 90 degrees and descend to 3000'. After 20 seconds, Contact A turn hot to player, At 15nm range or after 40 seconds (whichever comes first), Contact B turn hot to player.

I see this would be an easy way to set up multiplayer air-air missions and even generating a small community of mission builders creating challenging scenarios to share with the wider audience base.

Hope these are the type of suggestions you're looking for.

2Multiplayer Red Air/Threat Rep Empty Re: Multiplayer Red Air/Threat Rep on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:43 am


I must say, that does seem like a very good idea.

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