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My List Of Suggestions

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1My List Of Suggestions Empty My List Of Suggestions on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:14 am


#1 Repaints able to be done by paint etc, not just photoshop because many people don't have photoshop.
#2 Mods Folder, so people can make high res cockpits, extra planes and maybe special server mods.
#3 High Res Carriers Like Javier's one for FSX, with a animated shooter so when you hook up to cat he salutes touches deck and points.
#4 Damage Model, Check out FC2 damage model.
#5 A buddy tank so in multiplayer you can refuel off of your friends plane.
#6 In air to air refueling if you hit the drogue to hard it breaks etc.
#7 Ranks and maybe start your own airforce.
#8 ILS On carriers. your probably already doing it.
#9 Mission Builder.
#10 Encyclopedia
#11 Carrier PLAT View on replays.
#12 Different Scenery Areas Like Paris,London,Hawaii Etc


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