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1Realism Empty Realism on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:26 pm


Hi Cool

I wanted to ask how they made it ? I downloaded 1.03 in the pas few days and started to do some basic handling, low level flying...

I was and still i am very impressed with realism of the flight. When you fly at low speed or when you are on final approach the aircraft feels very sensitive, and there is this feeling of "floating" and there is more need for rudder input.

When you fly towards the ground, you are impressed with the speed the ground comes to you, i taught this feeling was just reserved for the real life... for flying myself in real life i was pretty impressed with the feelings you get in Seven G.

I flew with Open falcon, Free Falcon, Lock On... but never got the feeling i had with Seven G... How you guys managed to put that "feeling " in the sim ? And i watched a bit on youtube for some HUD tapes of F/A-18's... and when i fly with Seven G i can't notice a big difference in the way it moves and so on...

When you Fly with Falcon.. you have the feeling the airplane is to.... too "static" in the air. In seven G it Bumps around and flies like an real airplane.

I just can imagine how it would look like when you Guys will be finished with it.... if by now it looks and "tastes" so good, what would it be when you will implement weather?

Now most of the Sim's focus on challenging the player with campaign's... a lot of action... but here with Seven G i got the feeling that the first challenge will be to fly the aircraft safely, and in the future it will be at first to fly it in different weather conditions.

I wanted to thank you guys and encouraging you... cheers

2Realism Empty Re: Realism on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:50 pm


Yeah have you happened to see some of the new stuff? The graphics look AMAZING!

Carrier Landing: Seven-G F/A-18 Carrier Trap

Air 2 Air Refuelling: Seven-G F/A-18 Simulation Air to Air Refuel Demo

Version2.1: Seven-g F/A-18 Version 2.1

Enjoy Cool

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