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1Filtration Empty Filtration on Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:22 am


1.I find old 2008 demo video, where was nearest point sampling filtration. I want it (NO FILTRATION). Please, leave there option to turn it on (to turn off filtration)....

(bilinear, tril ....etc. filtaration)=non-alcohol beer+electronic cigarettes+plastic woman

2.How you want make forests an bushes? As variant, if I make it I will use standart three orthogonal planes, but not for one tree, but for dimension of trees, with one solid color filling. One bush will be light, another will be some darker. Pretty nice and realistic from long distance.

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2Filtration Empty Re: Filtration on Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:19 am


And please make sharp lights. Without sharp lights nightflight are rubbish.... Or just make something like this (sharp shape+flare)Filtration Flares10

About filtration:
Someday I fly away (from Rimini) by Boeing. There was near 500 meters altitude. When I look down under the wing there was all white and looks really blury. But when I look through the white I see ULTRASHARP shapes of buildings(not blury sharp). So I think surface must be unfiltered (maybe very small contrast but sharp and unfiltered). Only shadows and reflections must be filtered by science as I think. Without filtration all objects looks concrete and heavy and have shape and colours will be great and juicy.
P.S. Normal maps looks much better without filtration too. They give real volume, not dirty noise.

And please, make long range LODs for objects. It can be just boxes or one pixel sprites, but make great effect on long (and medium distance too).

3Filtration Empty Re: Filtration on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:34 am


My little demo, that illustrate my previous words, all textures unfiltered and looks good (without mipmap too):

while devs are sleeping I will make my own sim Smile)))

Power on earth divided between lion, eagle(scorpio)and bull. Lion impressionist (likes blur), eagle(scorpio) expressionist (likes sharp). Light must be sharp, shadows and reflections blur. Shadows may be sharp, but light cannot be blur.
When textures sharp (remember old sims where bomb sight slightly moves over untextured terrain with sharp borders and terrain feels "touchable") then all movements are smooth and colours fantastically colorful and honey, if textures filtered (pyramidal filter may look good, but not others (bilinear...anisotropic) ) all motions become drag and colours desaturates.
Just look on "Mass effect Andromeda", there are much of normal maps and all of them filtered -> All movements and animation are dragged and graphics look oversmoothed.

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